Subject: Ceremony of the Keys, London
My husband and I went to the ceremony a few years ago. Don't miss it! Here is the info together with an excerpt from info material for the ceremony.

Each night for more than 700 years the gates of the sovereign's fortress, the Tower of London, have been solemnly locked against the London mob by the Chief Yeoman Warder of the Tower. The seven-minute-long ceremony is magical: the Tower stageset is floodlit, the Chief Warder wears a long red coat and Tudor bonnet and carries a lantern and the Queen's Keys, the huge oak doors of the Middle and Byward Towers are slammed and locked, and the bugles sound the Last Post at 10pm. To attend, apply well in advance from your home address (applications from hotels are not accepted) to The Resident Governor and Keeper of the Jewel House, Queen's House HM Tower of London, EC3, giving your name, the date you wish to attend (and alternative dates), the number of people (up to seven), and enclosing a stamped, addressed envelope.

We applied 6 months in advance. Be sure to arrive early. There will be a crowd. By the way, this info comes from Louise Nicholson's London Guide. Hope this gives you the info you need!