Subject: Overnight trains in Europe--how safe?
Hi Didi,

I just came back from 12 days travelling around Europe (Beglium, France, Italy &Holland) and two of the nights we travelled by sleeper train. The first night was from Brussels to Milan and then two nights later, from Milan to Paris and had a very good experience. We had no problems at all, but we also reserved first class private sleepers in advance, since it was two of us and we were going the romantic route. For us it was worth the small extra dollars to know that we would have a reserved room and also for the privacy.

The room from Brussels to Milan was very spacious and the one from Milan to Paris, smaller but fine enough. Both times the stewarts were amazingly accomodating and went out of their way to be friendly. I speak English & Spanish and my friend speaks Dutch, English &a little French, but both times all of the transactions were done in English and everything was very forthright.

We also took the TGV from Paris back to Brussels to pick up the car, and that we very convenient and fast. Lastly at the end of the trip, I took the train solo from Amersfoort, Holland to Rotterdam, then switched to another train to Brussels and the again to another train to the airport. The only thing I noticed was that when I was travelling by myself, there was difinately a fair amount of attention from men on the train noticing that I was alone. Although I never felt threatened, I kept my belongings close by.

I hope that helps, and that you have a wonderful time!

Cat in Chicago who is disapointed she won't be able to go back to Europe until the fall

Cat Lancaster catchi