Subject: Overnight trains in Europe--how safe?
Hi Laurie

many years ago my sister, her friend and I were travelling in a first class
>couchette - just the 3 of us - and even though the door was locked from the inside, when
>we woke up in the morning, my sister's traveller's cheques were gone from her purse! That
>was on a night train from Rome to Venice

This really worries me, as it would seem that someone on the inside, e.g guard or attendant, are in on the scam; as a key would need to have been used. Some time ago we purchased a wedge that had an alarm built into it. We would place the wedge carefully under a door, and when further pressure was exerted on the wedge, by the door being opened, a piercing noise was the result. Although we have never tried it on a train, I would imagine that it work just fine.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand) ricardo