Subject: Re: Overnight trains in Europe--how safe?
Hi Richard,

Often people lock up the door in a wrong way! As I said some mails ago, I often travel overnight in Italy and, some time, abroad too and I have seen that many people don't know the right way to lock up the door: it is not enought push the locker, you have to turn round it too!! If you don't turn it, it is quite esay open the door from outside!! So, please, follow carefully the istruction writes near the locker and you will be a safe overnight (if the locker is closed in the right way, neither the railwayman will open it without break the door!!!).

At the end, I would say that this discussion is becomming too worring than it is the reality: with normal precaution you can avoid problems, it is not a rule that on every train there is a robbery, it happen just sometime and you have just to be aware about this.

So don't worry so much about overnight in train, it is a quite well way to travel and I have never had any problem.

Many time during my trip I read warning advises on guidebooks that worried me too much but, when I was traveling, I discovered that I was too worried and I just had needed to be aware! Currently I'm planning my trip in South Africa on Aprin 23rd so I'm reading advises on my guidebook and warning on the net: at the beginning I thought to change my destination, after that I realized that South Africa is not the worst country in the world about safe but I have just be aware and pay attention!

I hope you all will enjoy your trip in Italy as well as I'm sure to enjoy my trip in South Africa!

Ciao, Marco in Milan (Italy)