Subject: Amsterdam Restaurants

Claes Claesz..Egelantiersstraat 24-26 Dutch food , as I remember not too pricey, good atmosphere...crowded

Haaesje Claes..Dutch also good

Sluizer, Utrechtsestraat 41-43 I've eaten here many times and it's good menu outside and there is a sister restaurant next door. nice neighborhood

For Indonesianwhich I highly recommend you try there is: Bojo....Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 51 great value..wonderful food lots of smoke

Speciaal Nieuwe Leliestraat 142.....not cheap not too expensive, but a fabulous rijstaffel in an up scale restaurant. Won't break the bank. Great neighborhood

There's a wonderful restaurant/bakery/deli on the Damrak (I think) If I remember correctly it's across the street from De Bijenkorf department store if you're facing the railway station. Look for a little green sign. Restaurant upstairs picnic food downstairs If you haven't yet go to the Albert Cyp market lots of fun. Wish I was there

Charlie SF