Subject: Combo locks & securing valuables
I bought combo locks for our duffels before going on safari to Tanzania last year. Walmart has them but I bought ours from a baggage store and of course paid more. The second night the lock on my duffel failed to work. No, I did NOT forget the combination, it just refused to work. With 12 days of Tanzania travel ahead of me (we were following the Great Migration) I was most unhappy. Finally I called upon Bwana, our guide, who whipped out one of those multi-tool pocket thingies and cut the lock off with little effort.

Oh, yeah they sell those at Walmart as well. Fact is if they want your stuff bad enough they'll get your stuff. All you can do is slow them down. My method is to not look prosperous and don't wear anything, jewelry as well as clothes that would make anyone want it. You don't have to dress like a bum of course. Bet the leather luggage crowd gets picked ahead of my old beat up but highly serviceable luggage.

Also, as to all this talk about credit cards in your underwear etc. I travel light and always have on either pants or a skirt or a shirt with hidden zippered compartments for passport, credit cards and cash. It's undetectable and not a bit uncomfortable. The hidden shirt pocket is usually a zippered one INSIDE the breast pocket, same with slacks. These clothes usually have several obvious pockets and only one secure one. So you don't have to drop your pants to get to the cash, just reach in your pocket that has the hidden inside zipper. I've had the same travel clothes for years, they look normal, last forever and are drip dry. None of mine even show wear although I wear them at home as well sometimes so they get laundered lots. Cheers, Lyn Dallas