Subject: Locks and New Member
We recently flew with British Airways from Victoria/Seattle through LHR to Istanbul. On arrival in Istanbul one lock was missing from locked backpack, nothing was missing and I assumed that maybe the lock was not locked. However on the return flight two locks we missing, nothing was missing (had only dirty clothes anyways. Has anyone had this problem in either SEA, LHR or IST.

I have just joinded the list. My wife and I live in Victoria, I am retired and age 61 my wife is 55. We just returned from a trip to Iran, crossing Turkey first by rail. Last fall I did a rail tour of Pakistan, arriving in Karachi two days after the coup. In the past few years we have been to Syria, Jordan, Turkey, China, Nepal, India, Tibet, Malaysia and a few other places. Most of these travels have been done independently

Wy wife is an insuline dependent diebetic and also has Crohn's Disease, the trip to Iran and Turkey was our first under these conditions and certainly introduces some different travelling problems. Marg and Gary Saunders Victoria BC