Subject: Baja

>1)How is the usual weather in Baja California in late August? First of all Baja is a thousand-mile long peninsula with quite a variance in temperature. August generally will be sunny and warm. More specifically; Northern Baja from the border to El Rosario along the Pacific Coast will have weather similar to San Diego's, beautiful warm days (in the 80s Fahrenheit) and pleasant nights. Along the coast of the Sea of Cortez it will be hot (in the 100 to 110F range).

Southern Baja, Cabo San Lucas will also be hot (probably in the 90F range). There is also the possibility of tropical storms and even the remote possibility of a hurricane. Although these are more likely in Sept. through Nov.

>2)Is it very different from San Diego's climate? In the north on the coast very similar. On the east coast and south much hotter.

>3)Would you suggest choosing Baja for a week's rest after touring the west coast,and if yes,what area is best? Sure, Baja is a great place to unwind. It is best suited for camping. But there are developments to stay at. Especially in the south around the Capes.

>4)How to get there, fast and cheap(well,reasonably adelante and not too expensive)? Well, depends on where you decide to go. If it's the Cape area you'll need to fly. Otherwise it is a three day drive. In the north it would be possible to rent a car and visit the area from the border (Tijuana) down to San Quintin staying in hotels.

>We love dry and hot climate,but of course not sunbathing in an oven... Baja's got you covered there. There's alot of possibilities. Here are some websites to check out. If you have any more specific questions please ask.

Are you going to be in San Diego? If so, perhaps I could show you around my hometown. A general website about Baja A discussion group About the whales (who will not be there in August). A comprehensive site about Baja Some of the more interesting side trips in Baja Another comprehensive site. CALIFORNIA With more links. A commercial tour company. Hope these help. John Rule San Diego, CA