Subject: Vietnam teach English program
Hi Sandy, My friend has just returned from Global Volunteers and she has written me this brief capsule on her experiences teaching English in Viet Nam.

--------Viet Nam, as you know, is very inexpensive. The cost of the Global Volunteers trip doesn't reflect that. I think it was worth it for the special experience. But you have to be prepared to work hard and put up with a relatively primitive environment.

The hotel, though quite new, did not fit Frommer's description. Going back to the hotel after work was NOT like going back to the Universe Explorer after a day of touring in some hot city along the way.

It is true, though, that the tax deduction helps!

Note from Gretchen--we lived in a 128 square foot cabin on the Universe Explorer and it was like going home to the Great White Mother as we affectionally called the ship. Gretchen