Subject: Athens -- Int.Terminal to DomesticTerminal
Dear Susie,

First of all, I would like to welcome you in Greece.

I suppose that you will arrive in Athens a Monday or Thursday or Friday, because the flight OA 002 from Athens to Naxos at 6.20 is valid from 16/4/2000 to 17/6/2000 and only Monday or Thursday or Friday. As you write, you flight from London (with BA) arrives in East Terminal at 4.30. At that time I don't think there is so much air traffic, so you don't need more than 30 minutes for passport control, get your bags and go through customs. There is a bus connecting the two terminals. I have asked the time schedule and they told me that it leaves East Terminal at 05.10 and 05.50.

The time needed to go from East to West terminal is about 10-20 minutes maximum. For the internal flights 30 minutes before the flight (under normal conditions) are enough for the check-in. In the worst case you have a big delay, you can take a taxi from East to West terminal with a cost about 1000-1200 drx (less than 4 USD). If the delay is more than 1 hour, and at the exit of East terminal you have less than 30 minutes to go to West Terminal, it's possible to not have the time available for the check-in. In that case you can go to Olympic praying for a delay.

Otherwise, you can go directly to Piraeus (central port) and take a boat. I have checked the ships schedules, but I need to know when exactly are you are coming.

Here is the schedule I have found:
>From 14/4/2000 to 6/5/2000 every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there is a high speed catamaran (Minoan Lines) that leaves Piraeus at 07.30 and arrives in Naxos at 11.15

Until 13/6/2000 there is a daily hydrofoil (MINOAN FLYING DOLPHINS) that leaves Piraeus at 08.00 and arrives in Naxos at 13.50.

If you need something more, don't hesitate to contact me directly. By the way, if you are going to stay in Athens for some days, I propose a GTG in Athens. My best regards from sunny Athens. Joanna