Subject: Uploading photos to the File Page
Susie wrote: To upload photos they must first be in digital form, such as a jpeg file. First step go to and sign in.

Click on Files on the left side of the Main Page.

On the Files page you'll see on the center right of the screen Add file and Add Folder

Click on Add folder This brings up a screen that has two prompts; one for folder name and one for description of folder. Fill in these boxes and click on create folder.

Your folder will then appear in the list of other folders and files on the File Page

Click on your folder.

A screen will appear that says This file is empty.

In the center right of this screen is the Add file and add folder buttons again.

This time click add file.

This brings up a screen prompting you for the file name and description.

There is a browse button to allow you to find the photo/file on your hard drive, floppy, etc. Once you've located the file and written the description then click on Upload file.

Voila. You've now launched your photos into cyberspace.

You can also Edit and delete your files and folders. Handy for changing the names of the photo/files.

>I'm waiting for your trip report. It will be started soon. I picked up a bug on the flight back so I've been trying to take it easy. In the meantime my photos are starting to be posted on the processors webpage. So, I think I'll upload a couple of photos from each travelogue entry...a multimedia travelogue, if you will. We'll see how it works.

John Rule San Diego, CA