Subject: Guest in Italy - apartment rental

>Because we were on a strict budget, we selected an apartment in Prati, north of the
> Vatican, which was rated one up from the lowest level and had enough space
> for the family. That's not a bad area, it's very close from where I live!

> The nice, clean apartment had enormous noise problems. One side of the
> building was being renovated with scaffolding across the facade and
> hammering that started at 9 AM. You were lucky! Usually works start at 8/8.30!!!!!

> The other side had trees being trimmed for about ten business days which meant
> chain saws in the morning. Unfortunately, while it is true that the city scheduled trimming, owners are not told about it. It always happen, you know they will do it sometimes but you are never told about it. Same for street cleaning: they put a paper the night before for not parking the following morning after 6! What if you are away for a couple of days?

> Without warning, the water was cut off one day (of course before any of us
> had bathed) That happens also. Last week a pipe broke, and we were without water for almost a day. Don't see Rome like something in the past, it can happen everywhere and anytime. You were just unlucky in that! Maybe it was the same pipe!

> I know we must have had a worse than usual case of apartment rental, but
> wanted to pass it on for your information. I am sorry you didn't stay fine.... I don't know that organization, but it seems like you have been really unlucky! But keep considering the farm in Tuscany, I am sure you'll be fine there! Ciao Flavio in Rome