Subject: Pickpockets are everywhere
Hi Frank, I'm SO SORRY to hear that you were pickpocketed in HK! In the four years I've been here, I have only heard of one other person to whom that has happened. I was pleasantly surprised one day to see someone tap another person on the shoulder in the MTR (subway) to tell them that they had some bills sticking out of their pocket and suggest that they put them away more securely.

I'm the only person I know who's actually been pickpocketed on a Tokyo subway. It was a team of well dressed 'businessmen' and they were very adept at it (one was the diversion, another the actual pickpocket and the other held the subway door open for their escape before I even realized it). But ... they were kind enough to leave the wallet AND cards, stripped of the cash, in a very obvious place at the station to which they knew I'd return to check!

I will be in town when you come and would be delighted to meet you. Does anyone else happen to be venturing over to this part of the world around that time? HK being the hub for Asia, maybe we can entice others to 'pop in' for a GTG????

Shall put a note up in a bit - with a GTG Hong Kong subject heading and hope to hear from others. Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong