Subject: Re: Naples Dining: Please help my fading memory (modified)
Hello Ira,

Mergellina in Naples is a great area! I stayed in a hotel close by this piazza some years ago. Yes, Sannazzaro is close by Mergellina train station and there are some restaurants. Some of this restaurants are open air. Even though in Naples open air restaurant are very common, I don't remember a lot of open air restaurants in Sannazaro (may be because it was early April when I was there). Anyway in Sannazzaro my preferred pizza place is da Pasquale and my preferred restaurant is da Totonno a Mergellina. Good appetite!

If you'll remember more particulars, please try to ask me again, I have been in Naples many times.

See you in Milan soon for an other gtg.

Ciao for now. Marco in Milan (Italy).