Subject: Re:: Great travel books
All three of Redmond O'Hanlons books are spellbinding. The first Into the Heart of Borneo tells of his search for the very rare hairy rhinoceros, the second In Trouble Again finds Redmond slogging through the headwaters of the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers. And his third book No Mercy: A Journey to the Heart of the Congo, is a very dark account of his journey to Lake Tele in hopes of substantiating the existence of Mokele-mbembe, the legendary Congo dinosaur. If James Conrad's Heart of Darkness struck a chord in you Redmond's account of the Congo will leave you reeling. None of these boks are for the faint of heart. O'Hanlon manages to find those primeval worlds that seemed to have passed into a different age. Thank goodness Redmond takes these trips because they are way too much for me.

John Rule San Diego, CA