Subject: Books by Travel Writers
Thanks for all the good suggestions -- keep them coming!! I'm putting all I haven't read on my to read list--think I have already read everything of Bryson, Mayes, and Mayle (I keep hoping they will write more.) Going through my bookshelves, I found some more gems to recommend: The Norton Book of Travel, edited by Paul Fussell (an anthology of travel writing through the centuries, starting with Herodotus in 480 B.C.) and then some Britain-focused writers (I am an unabashed Anglophile and know that anyone else who loves all things British will be charmed by these books: My Love Affair with England and England As You Like It, both by Susan Allen Toth

A Walk Around the Lakes, by Hunter Davies The Road to Mingulay, A View of the Western Isles, by Derek Cooper (If I had to name my most memorable island trip, it would probably be the day I spent on the now uninhabited island of Mingulay, getting there via a small open fishing boat from Barra).

It's a good thing Bill, my husband, is as much an Anglophile as I am--makes deciding where we are going to go at least once a year real easy! Looking forward to more of your reading recommendations, Cheers, Pat in Baltimore