Subject: Re: Books by Travel Writers
Some of my favorites: My Family and Other Animals by Geraldo Durrell (brother of Lawrence) - Hilarious! About the Durrell family and their move to Corfu - Anyone who has traveled in Greece for any length of time will love this!!! It is so Greek in feeling. A Walk Across France by Miles Morland - with his French wife, the author left his rather lucrative practice in a brokerage firm in London and walked from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. This book is wonderful fluff in the same vein as the Peter Mayle books - but truly enjoyable - especially if one knows the south of France., A Woman's Passion for Travel - Wonderful short stories by female authors (many of whom are well known) about travel with friends, husbands, lovers, children, alone, etc - all entertaining and very interesting - also about relationships (don't be put off by the climbing photo and the mt. peak on the cover! This is not a hiking book per se) Yak Butter &Black Tea - by Wade Brackenbury. Wonderful, exciting account of venturing into the unknown and forbidden parts of Tibet from China - Really an exciting book! Annapurna - a Woman's Place- by Arlene Blum - fantastic account of the first successful ascent by women on Annapurna -- Really about cooperation and how the climb was completed. Climbing High - Lene Gammelgaard - a deeply moving account of the Everest tragedy (she was a member of Scott Fisher's group) - by the first Danish woman to summit Everest - It is part of her personal journal. This book is nothing like Into Thin Air - Krakauer's book - (not that his book was bad - quite the contrary - it is just very different)

Happy reading everyone! Susie, Newton, MA