Subject: RE: We will be in Athens this week
Dear Muriel, First of all I would like to welcome you in Athens. As you write, you want to go to Kefalonia. You must know that Kefalonia is an island that it is not connected by bridge to the coast and you need to take a ferry from Patras or Igoumenitsa or Kyllini to go there. This means that you have first to choose the port from which you are leaving for Kefalonia and find the schedule of the ferries and then to go to the port (by bus or by a rental car). For me the best idea is to go to Kefalonia by plane.

After your arrival in Athens, you have to go to a local travel agent and find out with them the best solution for you. Note that next week starts the period of Easter for us (we celebrate Easter at 30 April) and the majority of the hotels are fully booked. Maybe it will be difficult to find a place in the plane or the bus.

About the gift: Maybe you can bring a set of 100% cotton sheets or towels or tablecloths. It's a neutral gift for the house everyone enjoys.

And finally, the airport of Athens is a normal European airport, easily accessible by bus from the city center.

That's for now. Best regards from sunny Athens. Joanna