Subject: Re: RE: We will be in Athens this week
Joanna, I would like to thank you for the welcome and the information. I would like to further explain that we (myself, my husband, our son and his wife and 11 month old son)have also been offered the use of our son's friends house in Athens and Kelfalonia, so lodging we do not need to worry about. My big, big concern is getting from Athens to the ferry for Kefalonia. Could you give me an idea of how long of a trip it may be? I still am not sure that I (a grandma of 50+) would like driving the distance or if we would be able to get the car on the ferry. I am the only one who is able to drive a manual shift car. You mentioned flying. Do you have any idea as to the cost or if there is somewhere on the Internet where I could check. You did not comment on the possibility of a bus to the ferry to Kelfalonia. We then could rent a car after we got there. We of course celebrate Easter here in US, but did not realize when we made our plans that it seems to be a much bigger celebration in Greece. We plan to stay in Athens for Easter and would like to know if there is some way that we could join in the celebration of this glorious time? You closed your e-mail mentioning sunny Athens. How is the weather there now? We need to know what type of clothes to pack. Sorry to be so full of questions, but realized that there were so many more things we should be checking on. My son's friend didn't indicate to him that the drive to the ferry looks like a long drive according to the map we have and I am sure he does not mind driving it. Are the 100% cotton items difficult to get in Greece the reason you mentioned them?