Subject: Re: Improvements in Rome
Dear Carol Bailey

The tour Bus new organization has been approved on the 17 March 2000 but the municipality have given 2-3 weeks time to adjust all the particulars. The situation it is not terrible and i might say that for a certain point of vue it is also better. I must also clarify that this rstrictions is overall for the area inside the Aurealian walls (normally is the city center-from Via Veneto to the Tiber approx.) Before this system we have had days in Rome with too many busses which has circulated and parked everywhere creating a lot of problems to everybody.

Now the Tour busses must make a check in on the road around Rome. They must pay a ticket which allow them to arrive to the Hotel where the group is staiyng, live them there with the luggage and than he must go away to his parking created for the coaches which is normally not so far from the Hotel.

So with this new system the coach can bring the people at their hotel with the luggage, can of course bring them away at the moment of the check out and can, every evening, after 19. bring the people to have theyr dinner in any restaurant of Rome and bring them around Rome. They are also always authorized to bring the tour outside Rome for any excursion they like.

So the people can go around Rome walking or taking also special busses called j (cost lire 1.900 approx.) which are new busses made opposite for the tourist or they can take public transportation of course.

So the normal sightseeing tours on the coach with guide during the morning and the afternoon is for the moment not authorized.

We are following the situation everyday. They are also updating some rules and are changing other one. It seems anyway that this programme will be valid also for the next year.

As far as i get more exact informations i will let you know.

Best regards Giorgio Lazar Hotel delle Muse Rome