Subject: Re: Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Hi Brenda,

Myrtle Beach is a very famous place, known for its sandy beaches. However, there are a lot of beautiful sandy beaches in SC if that is what you are looking for.

It would be helpful to know when you are traveling to Myrtle Beach. Early June finds a lot of students taking their summer week and August is not a good month, no matter where you stay. Histoy has it that there are a lot of rainy days and also threats of hurricaines. (and evacuations!)

The exact center of Myrtle Beach is somewhat of a busy place, to put it mildly, and we often go to places N or S of the city center.

Things not to miss are the theaters known as Broadway at the Beach This may sound crazy, but days in the sun can be deadly with the intense heat. Seafood restaurants are boundless. Waccamaw Pottery with its discount stores and outlets is a favorite as well.

However, we have never been to any of the resorts mentioned.

Please tell me what you are looking for specially--economy, beach, seafood, all-inclusive, and I will try to help you some more. We have never stayed in Myrtle Beach, city proper, per se. Only had big hotels or in a small motel type place with excellent food that is N of Myrtle Beach, but not in North Myrtle Beach which is a separate town.

Ruth Marie may be able to help some as can Mandy--both real South Carolinians--we're imports of 33 years!