Subject: Re: Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Yes, I am a real South Carolinian but have not lived in SC for over 30 years (just visit relatives every now and then) and it has been 40 (!) years since I have been to Myrtle Beach. It is not a favorite of mine as I grew up spending my summers on Edisto Beach which is a family-type beach about an hour south of Charleston with a completely different atmosphere than Myrtle Beach. On Edisto, you rest, relax and make your own fun. There is one golf course now as compared to hundreds at Myrtle Beach. So I am absolutely no help with this request. I do know that many people really like Myrtle Beach and there definitely is a lot to do there. Perhaps Mandy can do a better job responding to this request.

sorry that I'm no help on this.... Ruth Marie in Colorado