Subject: Re: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Hi Lisa,

We were in Croatia last fall after 27 years. Though we did not stay in a hotel, we loved being back there.

We found a neat taxi driver who took us many places and he spoke English and found us neat places to eat. There are few places (if any) right in Dubrovnik, inside the walled city for staying, so you would need suggestions here. And transportation. We went to Korcula and Cavtat and others went to split. Still others from the group went to Bosnia and to Mejugore--some on a hired bus and some in a taxi. I know our driver would have gladly taken us had we wanted to go.

I can look up his name and phone number if you want.

Croatia has been hurt very badly by the war. With tourism as thier major industry, and people thinking it is in the war zone, there is serious sadness in this country. It has taken them up to two years to repair the damage from the shelling of this masterpiece of a town. New roofs are next to old roofs, and still, some unrepaired roofs dominate the landscape.

Hope this helps.