Subject: Re: Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Ah, yes. June will be a mess because college students are out of school...and high school seniors have just graduated. You will not be able to drive along the main street (Ocean Blvd.) because so many kids will be cruising the strip. I remember when I was there for my senior week and it was absolutely miserable to drive anywhere near the center of town. Outside of there was crowded, but rather normal, though.

If you don't want to deal with the students, or the intense heat and humidity -- try any time in May. June is still decent weather -- the serious heat and humidity don't really kick in until later June, but I have to agree...August is just a death sentence with the heat.

>The exact center of Myrtle Beach is somewhat of a busy
>place, to put it mildly, and we often go to places N
>or S of the city center.

I think I would have to recommend sticking to North Myrtle...the beaches are nicer, less crowded and the fun stuff tends to be situated more towards north Myrtle.

>Things not to miss are the theaters known as
>Broadway at the Beach

There is a Ripley's aquarium, IMAX theater, and countless specialty shops and restaurants (NASCAR café -- how appropriate for SC, Hard Rock café -- go inside just to see the pyramid, but don't eat there, the food is horrid, Planet Hollywood, the All-Star Café, and the Alabama Café ) are all right there.

If you like to shop in neat little shops, you'll want to check out Barefoot Landing as well.

If you go to Broadway at the sure to check out the Build-A-Bear workshop. It is the neatest pick out the bear/rabbit/frog skin that you want to stuff, pick out a voice box if you want it, stuff it with your own hands (and some help with a pump), groom it, make a story or birth certificate for it, and then go and pick out a wardrobe for it. You can make your bear for around $20-$25 if you don't go crazy. It's great for kids, friends, etc. because of the clothes and the personal touch you give it. I just fell in love with the store -- sadly, it was my fondest memory of my Spring Break trip there in March. March -- definitely a nasty time to go with overcast skies, dreadful wind, and generally cold all around.

>This may sound crazy, but days in the sun can be deadly with the intense

True statement. It's all true. Carry lots of water...stay inside in the middle of the day, and run the heck out of your AC.

>However, we have never been to any of the resorts

The only place I can remember staying in right in the city on the beach was a cheap family-run place called the Wave Rider Inn. Not a bad price and quite charming...certainly not resort quality though.

>Sorry I can't be of help on the particular resorts you mentioned.
>Ruth Marie may be able to help some as can Mandy--both real South Carolinians-->we're imports of 33 years!

LOL. Real South of late, I'm not sure if people will see that as a negative thing or not, with all the flag stuff going on. Oh well. Most of my experience with Myrtle Beach comes from when I was too little to remember much, or from Senior Week when it was too packed to really want to be there. My expertise comes more with Charleston and Kiawah Island -- otherwise, I'm strictly budget inn all the way for nice little weekend jaunts.

Hope some of the advice helps you on your vacation!