Subject: Canadian vacation
My wife and I are going on a trip to the Canadian Atlantic Provinces during late August of this year. We have a few things that we really want to see: the Bay of Fundy tides, the Anne of Green Gables area on Prince Edward Island, and the Cape Breton Highlands. We think we can visit our favorite places and get a broad overview of the area with the following tentative itinerary:

August 26 - fly to Manchester, New Hampshire to visit relatives August 27 - drive to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick August 28 - drive to Fundy National Park, then on to Sackville, New Brunswick August 29 - drive across bridge to Rustico, Prince Edward Island August 30 - take the ferry, then drive to Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia August 31 - see Cape Breton Highlands, then drive to Saint Peters, Nova Scotia September 1 - drive to Windsor, Nova Scotia; watch the tidal bore September 2 - drive to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, take ferry to Portland, Maine September 3 - drive to Manchester &fly home from there

We know that some TravelZiners live in this area, so we're looking for some advice: 1) Would you choose other cities than the ones we've chosen if you wanted to see the things that we want to see? 2) Where do you find information about the schedules and the rates for the ferry from Yarmouth to Portland? 3) Are there other attractions that you think we shouldn't miss? 4) What are your recommendations for lodging and eating? (We're budget travelers who like to stay in out of the way places, and we both love seafood.) 5) Is there any problem with renting a car in the US and then driving it into Canada? 6) We expect the weather to be windy with some rain, in the lower 50's (Fahrenheit) at night and in the upper 60's during the day. Is this reasonable?

Thanks in advance for your help, John S