Subject: Atlantic Provinces (John Safford's query)

We don't live the Atlantic Provinces, but the area is one of our favorite places to go. The places that you have listed are all worth seeing. We especially liked the scenery of Cape Breton and the south coast of Nova Scotia (don't miss Peggy's Cove, travel cliche though it has become). I gather that your schedule doesn't permit a foray into Newfoundland, which is too bad. It is very large, quite unspoiled, and peopled by some of the nicest folk you'll ever want to meet. We started in St. John's, which is a fascinating old town, and eventually made our way west and north to L'Anse aux Meadows, site of the only verified Viking settlement in North America. The site is beautifully restored and presented.

I don't know about renting a car in Canada and driving to the Maritimes; there should be no problem (It's all Canada). We drove from Baltimore (MD), and there was cerainly no problem with our car there.

Accommodations were very plentiful and quite reasonable when were there in early June. This was several years ago, but we found b &b's for $35 Canadian, and we just took them as we found them. Later in the season it might be more difficult. The Canadians have a wonderful tourist board, and going to their website or writing to them will get you great packets of good information. The tourist offices in Canada (and they are all over) are very helpful and will be happy to help you find accommodations of the type and price you want.

We know you will have a wonderful trip, and we plan to go back ourselves very soon.

Cheers, Bill in Baltimore

P.S. If I can help with specific questions, e-mail me at bettridg