Subject: Re: Re: Rome
My favorite is the Eyewitness Guide to Rome--check it out at your bookstore. I think you will find it quite a wonderful guide. A large, detailed street map of Rome would be very helpful in planning your daily schedule. I think a good idea is to make color photo copies of sections of the street map which will be easy to carry with you on your day's itinerary.

>Some have said that the Termini station area is not a good area

Usually the area close to a train station in many cities of the world are not the best. Actually via Palestro, where you hotel is located, is closer to the National Library than it is to the train station.

There are people on this list who live or have lived in Rome that could be more helpful about the hotel's area and/or the Stargate Hotel than I.

>other that everybody says be careful of the pickpockets everywhere. I >have read a few horror stories about stolen money and passports.

Many of these stories in my judgment are apocryphal. Normal vigilance is necessary--just as you would apply in any city. During my recent experience (last November) I walked around an extraordinarily crowded open air flea market in Trastevere where the crowd was so thick my wife and I could only creep along. I had an a very expensive camera hanging from my shoulder but had not bit of a problem--I even able to take some decent pictures there. There are areas in NYC where I wouldn't dream of walking around like that--and I am in NYC at least three times a week as I live only 15 miles from the city.

Many years ago I forgot a camera at a cafe in Piazza Navonna. When I returned an hour later to look for it, the waiter had saved it awaiting for the owner to return. On another occasion I dropped my tickets and passport at the Venice airport without knowing that I had done so. When I checked into the hotel I discovered that these documents were missing. Shortly after checking in, these were returned to me at the hotel. The papers in the tickets showed at which hotel I had reservations so whoever found them called the hotel and the hotel had them picked up for me.

Have copies of your passports and keep these in the hotel's safe along with your plane tickets.

Actually if I were an Italian, I would be insulted by all this talk about pickpockets in Italy.