Subject: Morocco or the Canary islands
Hi Leslie, Here's my two cents about your dilemma.

Since we're italians and so Morocco and the Canaries are quite easily reachable,we have been to both. We visited the islands of Tenerife,and on another occasion Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, when our daughter was 4 and 6. We went to Morocco when she was 9,on a tour and then a week in a resort. This latter country is a fascinating one,as already Gretchen has fostered in her message,but you must be warned that it's definitely third world.We travelled extensively in Southeast Asia,Mexico,Indian subcontinent,and I would compare Morocco to India in some aspects,the most important being the level of hygiene,or better the lack of hygiene.40 out of 45 people in our group during the tour got some belly problem,and the tour was a 5-star hotel tour.I am a doctor,and I know how to cure or prevent,for what's possible,these problems,but ,alas,I was the first in the bunch to get fever and don't have me tell you what.

I don't know your attitude towards this kind of hassles,and I don't pretend to decide what's best for you,but on my opinion if you're going to meet your husband after many months and having also a very young child with you,you should choose the Canaries. Especially the island of Tenerife has a very mild climate even in late fall(better stay on the southern coast)not disturbed by the tremendous wind affecting Fuerteventura all the time and most parts of Lanzarote for most of the time.You can easily tour the island on a rented car,and visit many gorgeous places,from snowy peaks to secluded dramatic seaside rocky spots to beautiful wooded areas and splendid botanic gardens.It's possible to go to and back from any corner of the island on one day excursions(there's an autopista-or turnpike-round 2/3 of the island).The pace of life is relaxed and there's virtually no health hazard.

Have a good time wherever you'll decide to go! Leonardo