Subject: Re: Crete
My husband and I traveled through parts of Crete about 2 years ago. We enjoyed everything, but especially loved Chania, a wonderful old city built around an old Venetian harbor. It is charming, pretty and very interesting historically and culturally. We stayed at Casa Delfino which we loved. There are also some wonderful restaurants such as O#Aneome, Anaplus and many other great ones. We took a fabulous walking tour with Tone Fennymore, a charming and knowledgeable British fellow who lives in Chania. Really a wonderful experience! We also stayed in Elounda on the coast. We enjoyed it very much for a relaxing few days of ocean, sand and great food and relaxation. We stayed at Elounda Bay Palace which is very lovely and has a delicious terrace restaurant. We visited the antiquities and sites at Herakleion, Knossos, Arolithos, etc. Crete is a wonderful place to visit full of charm and extremely interesting sites!