Subject: Re: Canadian vacation
Hi John,

I would say that you picked a nice itinerary. Trendy Saint Andrews is lively in the summer (boutiques, artists, restaurants). I would say that's a good selection for the Bay of Fundy. Like someone said, I would try not to miss Hopewell Rocks, it'll be on the way beween Fundy Nat. Park and Moncton. Cape Enrage' is a nice spot on that road too. In Sackville I would recommend The Different Drummer, a b&b where we had a very pleasant stay a couple of years ago. In Sackville the marshes park is a very nice place to stroll at the end of the day.

PEI is worth a stop, even if Anne is taking too much space, in my humble opinion... A day and a half is not enough, but it will still allow you to appreciate how picturesque this island is.

The Cape Breton Highlands seem short on the map but the appr. 120 kms take longer than expected because of the hills and the points of interest. I think it took us about 3 hours (stopped a couple of times for pictures and hikes). The Louisbourg Nat. Historic Site is not to be missed, keep a couple of hours aside if you want to visit this. The drive to St. Peter's, along Bras d'or Lake is lovely.

As for the time of the year, you might hit some rain at the end of August, but it can also be very nice and warm, it`s hard to say. But you picked a great time since all the attractions will still be open, but there won`t be as many people on the road since it will be back to school time.

Welcome to Atlantic Canada, and have a great trip!

Martine New Brunswick