Subject: Rome
Hi, we spent recently four nights in Rome and two in Napoli and felt safe at all times. Not one bad experience of any kind. In Rome only some frustrating experience were involving taxis, out of ten taxi rides that we took, 7 took longer than necessary routes. We happened to know Rome well because in the past we have driven all over Rome. This added a few dollars to each fare, nothing extraordinary but it is a little annoying anyway. In Naples we used the funicular even at night after dinner, buses and walked up and down those incredible stairs between private taxi needed. Even the front desk clerk at the Parker HOtel agreeded that taxis were sometimes terrible to tourists in Napoli so we decided to avoid them, and it turned out fine. People were extremely kind and helpful, each time we asked for a direction on the street or on the bus or on the funicular, people would volunteer and help. I take my hat to Italy and Italians it seems to me that they know how to live and it is fascinating to join them even for a few weeks.

Graziella Miami Beach