Subject: Montepulciano hotel
Hi Barry, I tell you why I didn t feel the Duomo was such a big thing as to be included in our hotel data base.

The building itself an old palazzo was a nice building, but the bathrooms had not a very nice shower, less functional and uglier than all the other similar hotels we were in other towns, the rate was comparably expensive at 180.000 ........ for a much better hotel , in my point of view, at the Il Sole ,in Massa M. we only paid 130.000...What I didn t like was the lack of interest of being of service of the people who manage it. For instance as you know the hotel is at the top of the hill, and it is a long steep walk to go the other areas of the city, no one although we asked was kind enough to mention the little bus that is so convenient to go down and up.Fortunately we found out by ourselves Also the continental breakfast was only a cappuccino and bread ( butter and marmalade, no fresh brioche, or a good orange juice like in other similar hotels...That is why I didn t feel it was such a good deal . Personally I give a lot of importance to the locally useful information that a small hotel gives to the guests. But I am glad that you had a good time there. Graziella Miami Beach