Subject: Re: To Pisa or Not to Pisa
Hi Marcy, Funnily enough I was just reading a page on Burano when your email came through. am going on a bus tour and someone had asked about Burano and its worth. Her are 2 of the letters. I too am going to Venice and was thinking about changing plans and making time for Burano now! Good luck and have fun. I loved Venice, I spent 6 days there and adored it.

Definitely try to get to Burano - It is like a step back in time - the houses are all beautiful colors - lots of sidewalk shops too. I went on a tour all through Europe with Trafalgar in Aug. l998, and several of the people in our group thought Burano was one of the highlights ;not only of Italy but all of Europe!

Hi Kevin, We took the optional cruise to Burano including Lunch. It was perhaps the highlight of our trip to Venice. The food was sensational and the island is quaint. Lots of different coloured houses to view as you walk around the island. A bit cooler than in Venice. Murano is famous for its glass making, but you see glass blowing in Venice. Take a tip from a travel junky and visit Burano. Ciao