Subject: Re: Southeastern US
Sounds like a great trip, and you've gotten some wonderful suggestions. I don't know in which order you're going, but I would suggest that you take US 23 from Asheville to Atlanta (or vice versa). It is drop-dead gorgeous; I travel it several times a year and never tire of it. Most of it is 3- or 4-lane. It goes thru several quaint towns (and some not-so-quaint ones, too) including (N-S) Dillsboro, NC, Mtn. City, GA, Dillard, GA, and Clayton, GA. If you like antiques you'll find many places of interest along this route. You can catch some more great scenery en route to Atlanta by going over thru Helen and Clarkesville. I'm not a restaurant expert, but one fun food place is just north of the NC/GA border on 23 ... the Spring Hill Creamery. It is a dairy and they have fresh milk products for sale, including yummy fresh icecream. Also, if you're going to be in or near Columbus, GA (just south of Atlanta), there's a BBQ restaurant there that is out of this world; I think it's called Friendly's, but I'll need to check on that. If you want more specific directions for anything I've suggested, please feel free to email me privately.

Cindy in Toccoa, GA