Subject: Re: re:S.Island New Zealand B&B's
Richard, Hi -

I still want to know how I can help? Do you two hike??? YOU KNOW the the s.island is a fabulous playground with extraordinary vistas, all kinds of sports activities, with wonderful tranquility at the same time - complete with the cleanest air we've ever breathed! Are you planning to go to Dunedin? How about a visit w/ the yellow-eyed penguins and the Royal Albatross? Both are wonderful experiences - sights to behold (must reserve early though as they get booked quickly and one must see them with tours!) Also, if you like beaches, the place to walk is Abel Tasman Nat. Park! (If you've ever visited Pt Reyes - north of San Francisco, and you liked what you saw, this will knock your socks off!!!) -- We took the ferry across the Cook Strait and rented our car in Picton (confirm any car reservation as they seemed to have run out of cars when we went and some people were distraught!)

At the airport in Christchurch is the best hands-on museum devoted to the formation of NZ and the Antartic - truly a worthwhile exhibit -- We spent about 2 1/2 hrs there before our flight back to LA and on to the east coast.

I'm jealous - have a great vacation! Susie, Massachusetts