Subject: Re: Hotel Ratings
I wished to point the fact that also the criteria for evaluating the quality/price ratio can be subjective. For example I would rate higher an hotel that have very quiet 5th floor no elevator rooms , but bathrooms not 100% efficient to be euphemic, against a clean and equipped hotel, where there is a continuous passage of people in the passages that does not allow to sleep .... A good way to categorize the hotels would be if anyone would qualify the service in one of those subcategory: 1) Room comfort ( bed, size, furnitures) 2) Amenities ( Phone, TV , PArking, pool ...) 3) Bathroom 4) Service (politeness, behaviour and helpyness of staff) 5) Food 6) external factors (position, view, connections) and one give the following values: Excellent more than average average less than average insufficient where average is the average value given by the reviewer. This way one that is optimistic or constantly unsatisfied would not change the general evaluation. Giving also 6 factor one could easily adjust the data for his requirements. Is this a good idea ?

Leonardo Boselli