Subject: Greek itinerary
Hi friends, this time I'm seeking advice while planning my northern Greece trip for next August(from Aug 12 on). More than obviously I'm counting especially on our greek guardian angel,Joanna! Having already booked my first night in Thessaloniki,and the last seven nights in Sithonia peninsula, I was thinking to spend the remaining 13 nights,on a self driving tour,like this:

2 nights in Kalambaka(visiting the Meteors) 2 nights in IoÓnina(visiting the Zagorohoria villages) 2 nights in KastoriÓ(for the town itself) the next day,visiting Prespa lakes and Florina,and stopping for the next 1 night in Edessa 3 nights in Thessaloniki 3 nights in Kavala(visiting Thassos island and maybe Nest˛s valley)

What do you think about this travel plan?More than everything else, is it safe to go to the Prespa lakes and in general to areas bordering such turbulent countries like Albania and FYROM ?And is it worth the distance to be covered? Or would I better spend some time in Volos and Pilio mountains,and skip Prespa,Florina and Edessa? And what about 1 more night in Thessaloniki?

Can anyone suggest me accomodatons in Kalambaka and Ioanina(in the 20000-30000 price bracket)? Actually I sent some faxes inquiring about rates and availability to hotels in KastoriÓ and Kalambaka,but got no response. Do you think it would be wise to go without reservation?Are domatias a good alternative to hotels?

I realize I've been posing too many questions,so that's all for now. Thanks to everybody, Leonardo