Subject: Re: Greek itinerary
Hi Leonardo,

Sounds like a wonderful trip! We have visited most of the places on your itinerary and especially enjoyed Halkidiki, although we've never been there in high season. There's a wonderful psarotaverna (fish tavern) - probably more than one actually -on the waterfront in Nea Marmaras.

We assume that you have checked out the Greece travelogues on our web site.

When we were in Kalambaka in 1993, we stayed at the Motel Divani (Tel: 0432-2-3330 Fax: 0432-2-3638). We don't know what the price is now.

>Actually I sent some faxes inquiring about rates and availability to hotels in KastoriÓ and Kalambaka,but got no response.

Most likely a language problem - we have had the same experience. We know how frustrating it can be but unfortunately can't offer a solution.

>Are domatias a good alternative to hotels?

We've never stayed in rented rooms in private homes, so cannot comment.

Kalo Taxidi! Linda and Don