Subject: Should I go to Albuquerque, New Mexico?

My husband is going to Albuquerque, New Mexico 3 days in June for a business trip. I am debating whether or not to go with him. I have not been to the Southwest very much (a trip as a child and I eloped in Las Vegas). However, I will be without a car and likely to be on my own while my husband is stuck in meetings. How easy is Albuquerque to get around on foot or public transportation? We will be staying at the Hyatt. How central is that to restaurants, shopping, tour sites, etc.? Any recommendations for must sees, restaurants or anything else? FYI - I will have just returned from two weeks in Munich and will be preparing to move to Amsterdam in July - is it not worth my time to squeeze in this trip??

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Erina Reston, Virginia