Subject: Re: A Paris Hotel
We have stayed at the Hotel des Mines several times, last at Christmas this year. We highly recommend it. The rooms are pleasant, nothing spectacular, be very nice. The nearest metro is about 1 block (short) away and good bus service is across the street. It is located at 125 Boulevard Saint Michel (phone 1 43 54 32 79) (Metro RER - Luxembourg ou Port Royal). The rate was 540 francs per night for a double with bath. Breakfast was 40 francs. A bit cheaper if you just get a shower (which I would have preferred). The best thing about the hotel is the manager. I have his name somewhere in my file, but he speaks good english and is very tolerant of travelers. He made our stay. At the time were there, he had no email, but was talking about getting it. If you do go, please let me know as I would like you to pass on our greetings.