Subject: Re: Maratea, Italy
The train ride between Maratea and Napoli will take 2 1/2 hours or more, depending on which train you are able to get. So a day trip from Maratea to Napoli and/or Pompei does not seem reasonable. Could you tack on Napoli at the end of your stay in Maratea?

How and from where will you be going to the pretty beach town of Maratea once you arrive in Italy? When will you be going? Have you ever been to Italy before? How long do you plan to stay in Italy? Do you know the address and location where you will be staying in Maratea?

No doubt you have been searching the web for information on Maratea. Here is the URL of a good site on the area just in case you have not found satisfactory information: It is in Italian but you will be able to plough through it, plus it has many good pictures of the immediate area--even some videos. You will see that the area is quite mountainous. So going to the Amalfi coast would mean more of the same kind of vistas with many more tourists.

Keep asking-- and for sure you will get some good advice here.:-)