Subject: Travel to Finland
I don't know if anyone can help me or not but I thought I would try. We have a Finnish exchange student this year from eastern Finland. She will be leaving in July. She and my son are in love with each other and they are planning for him to go back to Finland soon after she leaves and he hopes to stay a few months. He is over 20 and working but doesn't have anything saved up yet. He has called a travel agent and was told the fare is about $1800 round trip. He would have to get to Helsinki and then to Joensou, which would be another air fare. Are there cheaper ways to get to Finland in the summer? I hear fares are much lower in Jan. He wants to go in summer because she will be on summer break. This is our 3rd Finnish exchange student and one of them is getting married this summer, but I'm not going to the wedding because I can't afford the air fare right now. I wondered how many on this list have been to Finland and if they had any cheaper ways to get there. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Carol Mueller in San Antonio