Subject: Maratea, Italy
Peter Thank you for the link for the Maratea area. Our Itinerary is to arrive in Rome on a Wednesday, check into the timeshare in Maratea on Sat and check out the following Sat, after time share to Florence for 2 days, then travel to Kaiserslatern, Germany to visit friends that live there, spend 2 days there and then drive with friends to Amsterdam to finish our trip on Sat. We have a little over 3 weeks. We are considering skipping Naples on this trip. However we do not want to miss Mt Vesuvious and Pompeii. We have heard great things about Salerno and would like to side trip there. This is our 1st trip to Italy (& Europe) and when we get back my husband will be in full time school for his Physicians Assistant so we will not be going anywhere for 5 to 6 years. Maybe we will overnight (during the time- share week) near Pompeii so we can visit that area. We also want to spend some time near Florence and have some wine and do some easy hiking in the hills. I think this is too much to do in the 3 weeks and we will need to trim now that we are further away from Sorrento. I do not have the timeshare details yet. Our trip is in September 2000. How long of a train ride from Rome to Maratea? I have not put on a bathing suit in 5 years. Our interest in the beach is the fresh seafood. We love the outdoors and the history in Italy and those are our interests. Is a Capri side trip do-able?


Brenda &Gilberto Denver, CO