Subject: Re: Travel to Finland
Carol in Texas asked about flights to Finland for her son.

Carol, Try the flights from Texas to London &then to Helsinki or flights to Amsterdam are normally cheaper in the summer than other European destinations. Also flights in Copenhagen might be cheaper than into Helsinki...then the train to Helsinki or a flight to his destination.

Ask your travel agent to check Diplomat Tours. It's a reputable consolidator I use a lot but they deal only with travel agents. (I'm a retired teacher but play travel agent 3 hours a day to feed my travel habit. 8-) ) The 24-hour 800 fare/ fax line is quoting a net cash fare of $800 + about 94 tax from Dallas-Ft. Worth-Helsinki for July. Credit card is $20 more. Our travel agency usually adds $150 commission bringing the total to not much over $1000 for high season. That's on Lufthansa-United so the routing would probably be to Chicago &Frankfurt, maybe London to Helsinki. I'm at home so I'm just guessing at the routing. Good luck. By the way, I used Diplomat to re-unite a young woman from here in Central Oregon with a young man from Denmark who are now married. That young love story ended happily!

Write if you have questions or if I can give you more info.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR high desert country