Subject: Re: Milan Florence return
<>and back on a Sunday. How long should we plan on taking, considering
>we have never been to Italy and we need plenty of time for the return
>to be in time for an airplane? >>

Milan Malpensa to Florence on a Saturday should take about 3 1/2 hours your first time. Watch the signs closely and go in the direction of Bologna as your go around Milan. Returning on Sunday is going to be alot quicker, since the truckers in Italy rarely, if ever, drive on Sunday - so the highways will be wide open. Sunday afternoons late, however, the roads around Milan - A1, etc - begin to clog up with traffic, but I assume your flight will be earlier than that. When you return, make sure you see Malpensa on the signs and don't get off for the Linate airport - both signs have airplanes on them. Malpensa's new facilities make it extremely easy to return a car, check in and get to your gate. Its really quite easy to go to the top level, drop someone off with your luggage at your airline's ticket desk, then drop off your rental car on the lower level. Again, your time will depend on your speed. If you drive at USA speeds, it will take longer, if you drive like Italians, well, you'll see what I mean Bill