Subject: Los Angeles motels
I need to take a 4-day trip to Los Angeles. Don't really need to, but I had promised our Finnish exchange student we would go to Calif before she leaves for Finland again so I'm going to take her in June. We need to make this as inexpensive as possible since her parents have sent her a limited amount of money. We plan to fly to LA and stay at a motel there and rent a car. A friend is going and we will split the cost 3 ways to keep it down. The advice I need is for a motel location. A Motel 6 or Days Inn is fine, since we will be there for the driving around and sightseeing etc., and as long as we can fit 3 people in a room, we will be fine. Our main concern is a safe location and we prefer a motel that has the inside entry since it will be 3 females. In surfing the net I found one one Sunset Blvd - The Dunes but I don't know how safe that area is. I drove up to LA from San Diego last year and we stayed in San Diego so I'm familiar with motels there but we thought we would stay in LA this time and do more time up there. Would a motel near the airport be a good place to be? As I say, we will be driving around a lot and won't spend much time there but we want easy access to the airport for when we turn the car in I think. Wondered how many either live in that area or have been there often enough to give me some advice on a location before I book one sight unseen. I appreciate any help offered. Carol Mueller in San Antonio