Subject: Attractions in Provence
Hi Anne,

I would like to recommend the following places to visit. 1. Roubion Village. During our 1999 trip to Provence and Luberon we came across this village quite by accident.The road up to this village is on a scenic, small and sometimes very twisty road. Just before you get to this village there is an area that you can safetly stop and take pictures of one of the most amazing 'Perched Villages' in France. We eventually made it to the village, parked the car and went for a walk through its narrow, steep, and vaulted passageways. We really appreciatedthe authentic charm of this small 12th century village, with its beautiful houses, small squares and fountains. There were incredible views down across the forested valleys to the south. At the top of the village there are ruins of a feudal castle. We approached Roubion through the National Park du Mercantour, via the Bonette Pass. Although this road is very narrow in places, the spectacular scenery on either side of the road, more than up for this problem. 2. After spending some time exploring Roubion, we travelled through the 'Gorges du Cians'. The road had been hacked out of the rich reddish brown rock and there were a lot of overhanging ledges which we had to pass under. I took a lot of video footage through the car window. (Later at home I was very pleased on how it turned out) We parked the car and went for a walk along what would have been the old road before the tunnel was built. It was incredible, the colour, the overhanging rock and the swift running stream. It was photographers dream and needless to say we took many photos. 3. From the gorge we proceeded to the marvellous walled town of Entrevaux. Once our luggage was stowed away we went for a wander. To enter the medieval village, we first crossed a large stone bridge, high above the swift current of the Vars River, over a drawbridge and finally through the Porte Royal. (Royal Gate). There are apparently three gates with drawbridges which are all in good working order. Features of the medieval town are all around, stepped streets and vaulted passageways, fountains and small picturesque squares. High above is the 17th century citadel which dominated the village and surrounding areas. I went up the steep path to the citadel. We stayed at a great hotel in Entreveau. I have some further suggestions but I had better close as this e-mail is getting rather lengthy.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)