Subject: Luberon et. al.

There is a one star restaurant that we ate at in L'Isle Sur Le Sorgue that was wonderful and also not breaking the budget if you took the special of the day. La Prevote, 4, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Also, there is a website where you can order a copy of drives to make. We did most of the drives and the info is fantastic. and/or After I send this I will see if the website comes up as I have not used it since 1998. This is where the not-to-miss villages are listed as well as unique things such as the sunburst bridge--way down a long path-like road made for walking!

We ate at the places mentioned in the guide and at one of the places, the waiter recognized the guide.

In Rousillion we ate at Residence des Remparts, Place Pignotte and on the second trip we ate at Restaurant Le Valdes Fees, rue Richard Casteau. WE ate above the terrace so we could look at everyone's food and decide what we wanted. This really helped as the names on the menu did not match what appeared on the plates. The waitress would pair up the menu items with what we were looking at! Experiences, experiences!