Subject: Re: Maratea, Italy

> This all seems like good advice to me, but for my own preferences I would tweak it a bit:

> Assuming that you arrive in Roma on Wednesday, the 6th of September and will
> not check into your time share until Saturday, the 9th of September, why
> don't you spend that time in Roma?

I think staying in Rome until it's time to head to your timeshare is a very good idea. I love Rome. My only change would be to stay in a very central location. With only a few days in Rome, I like to be at the very heart of things, where I can walk about early or late and see some of the world's greatest sights. I like the area around the Piazza Navona for convenience and fun. It is a preference of mine to stay in central locations, within walking distance of major attractions, when I am on a short city stay.

> When you leave Maratea on Saturday, the 16th of Sept, why not stay in Pompei
> until Wednesday morning when you can get a train to Firenze

I would not enjoy overnighting in Pompei. Outside of the ruins, it is one of the least atmospheric places I have encountered in Italy. I would choose Naples or Sorrento. It is easy to get to Pompeii from either place, and both have much more to offer. Pompeii is really, in my opinion, a stop, but not an overnight destination. Sorrento would give you access to Pompeii, Naples, Capri, other spots on the coast, and still be a fun town to stay in, as well as accessible to your train connections.

Actually, the more I think about it, I would urge you not to overnight in Pompeii. The entire area is built around serving daytrippers, and after the ruins, there is hardly a there, there.