Subject: Re: Los Angeles motels
The advice I need is for a
> motel location. A Motel 6 or Days Inn is fine, since we will be there
> for the driving around and sightseeing etc., and as long as we can
> fit 3 people in a room, we will be fine. Our main concern is a safe
> location and we prefer a motel that has the inside entry since it
> will be 3 females.
> In surfing the net I found one one Sunset Blvd - The Dunes but I
> don't know how safe that area is. I drove up to LA from San Diego
> last year and we stayed in San Diego so I'm familiar with motels
> there but we thought we would stay in LA this time and do more time
> up there.


Maybe someone in California can give you more help, but I've been searching for an inexpensive motel in LA or nearby for my son, so I'll give it a try. What I found was a Comfort Inn a couple of blocks from Disneyland, which is in Anaheim (Orange County). I'd feel safer for him to stay there than in LA, and it's not a long drive from Orange County to LA. As for price, at the time -- a couple of weeks ago -- the price was only $69.00, but that was for April. The price range is $69.00 to $119, depending on the date, I imagine.

I found the motel by going through Click on Lodging.... there's a logo that says Places to Stay. When I clicked on Los Angeles Area, Orange County was one of the choices. You'll also find a map that shows how close Anaheim is to LA. Good luck! I'll be watching for the responses you get :-)